Q & A

 What are eyelash extensions?
 Eyelash extensions are the hottest beauty trend available right now.  Eyelash extensions are individual lashes, made from high-grade sterilized fibers, that come in a variety of lengths, thicknesses, finishes and curl types. These extensions are applied to your natural lashes, and hold their bond until your natural lash sheds from its own shed cycle.


What is the process like?
Let's just say, instead of the term "Cat-Nap", our clients refer to their appointment as their "lash-Nap" time.  As you arrive, sip on your favorite choice of beverage found at our beverage bar. Your lash technician will then greet you and go through a personal one on one consultation to help achieve your desired look.  Together you will determine the appropriate thickness, length and curl for your natural lashes, as we always keep your lash health as our top priority. You will also discuss at home care and future maintnace.
 As you lie down on a warm, soft, relaxing table adorned with pillows, your lash technician will apply an under eye patch to secure your lower lashes. Your lash technician will then gently apply the lash extension in a variety of lengths and thicknesses customized just for you- one by one to each natural lash, which you cannot even feel ( at this point, "lash-Nap" is likely). At the end of your appointment, you are then woken up, sat up and shown your new amazing beautiful new lashes. We finish each appointment with a soothing lash mist to hydrate the eyes and refresh them before you leave.